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The Astral Temple

The astral temple is created in the mind through a stepped process of visualization that requires many hours of intense meditation. It must be clear in the mind of the Magickian. If group magick is done, the imagery of the astral temple is reinforced by a verbal interchange describing the architectural details and furnishings of the temple. Therefore all members of the group are sure to visualize much the same setting.

Astral temples can be drawn from personal experience, mythology, and dreams. For example, the Magickian might picture him or herself conducting a ritual in the ring of Stonehenge, or a shadowy grove, of ancient oaks, or a flat disk that floats in interstellar space.

However the Magickian chooses to see the Astral Temple, it must inspire wonder and a sense of awe. Therefore its every association must be positive and powerful. It is within the Astral Temple that magick is actually performed. The Magickian must be able to enter and leave it more or less at will if the rituals worked within its bounds are ever to be effective.

Set up your regular temple or circle as you would at any other time. Do your banishing ritual of the pentagram, middle pillar meditation, etc. Then close your eyes and relax in a comfortable position. Imagine yourself in some beautiful environment of your a meadow, on a mountaintop, in a forest, beside the sea. It could even be under the ocean, or on another planet. Wherever it is , it should feel comfortable, pleasant, and peaceful to you. Explore your environment, noticing the visual details, the sounds and smells, any particular feelings or impressions you get about it.

Now do anything you would like to do to make the place more to the way you want your temple to be. (I built my temple stone by stone, but you don't have to be that drastic). Establish the area just like you would in your regular temple, Bannishings etc. This should be a place of special power for you. You can be very creative in your temple area, just remember to retain the primary qualities of awe, and a feeling of absolute safety.